Surgical masks offered ‘at cost’

Surgical masks offered ‘at cost'

Updated 4-24-2020
From the Alaska State Medical Association … Surgical masks offered ‘at cost' to Alaskan providers and practices.
Dear Colleague, The Alaska State Medical Association (ASMA) is partnering with an Anchorage-based nonprofit entity to distribute limited supplies of much-needed personal protection equipment (PPE) to first responders and health care practices and providers throughout the state. To support providers and their communities, several physicians have volunteered to help source PPE and import it direct to Alaska. Our immediate goal is to have enough PPE in the state to protect our health care workers, first responders, and professionals performing emergent and urgent procedures and imaging exams. For starters, ASMA, Dr. Chakri Inampudi from Imaging Associates and a small group of local physicians have acquired a limited quantity of surgical masks (non-N95). They are available “at cost” on a first-come, first-served basis. An order consists of exactly one unopened box of 2,000 masks for $980 (49 cents per mask) plus a $30 credit card processing fee, for a total of $1,010. The masks are offered only to providers and practices in Alaska until the supply is exhausted, and they are allocated geographically, so no community gets left out. While we recognize that 49 cents per mask is a much higher price than in “normal” times, it is not uncommon these days for suppliers to charge upwards of 65 cents with a delivery time of two weeks or more. And again, 49 cents is our actual cost. No profit is being made, and we have the masks now. The masks can be purchased only by credit card. To order, call (907) 562-0304 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. IMPORTANT: Because this is a first-come, first-served process with a limited supply, you must speak with our phone representative to place an order. Do not leave a voice message. Please continue calling until you reach a live person. When you call in your order, you will be given instructions for picking up your masks. If you prefer, the box can be shipped to you for an additional $40. Please do not go to the ASMA office! The office is closed to the public, and the masks are stored in another location. Orders are being accepted only by telephone. ASMA would like to thank Imaging Associates and the group of Anchorage-based physicians who made this possible. Eli Powell, MD President Alaska State Medical Association