Men’s life saving exams: Coronary Calcium Scoring

Martin Eckmann,

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Martin Eckmann, Alaska Sausage and Seafood

  • Men’s life saving exams: Coronary Calcium Scoring Imaging Associates applauds men like Martin Eckmann, with @Alaska Sausage and Seafood, who have taken the steps to learn what’s happening with their bodies by getting a coronary calcium scoring exam. A cardiac CT scan for coronary calcium is a simple, non-invasive way of detecting levels of plaque in the coronary arteries that put you at risk for a heart attack. Because calcium is a marker of Coronary Artery Disease, the amount of calcium detected on a cardiac CT scan is a very helpful prognostic tool and can often be lifesaving! If you are 50 or older, talk to your physician about getting this done at Imaging Associates. Many times Men put their health on the back burner for what they feel is the greater good. Certainly through times like the Covid 19 pandemic even more men put off thinking about or taking action to take care of their health. Take a moment and share this story with your friends and loved ones.Find out more at: leverage the most advanced CT technology in AK that provides the sharpest image with an average of 40% less radiation than most CTs. Our subspecialized reports will go back to your physician within two hours or less!
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  • 1 - A CT Cardiac Calcium Score accurately gauges the plaque that may be clogging your arteries. Knowing your calcium score will tell you if you’re at risk of a deadly heart attack.
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  • 2 - A Prostate MRI is recommended when prostate cancer is suspected. The test precisely pinpoints the location of a tumor in the prostate making biopsies and treatment plans more effective.
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  • 3 - A Carotid Ultrasound is a test for narrowed arteries that increase risk of stroke. A painless, easy test that can provide early diagnosis and treatment that will decrease your stroke risk. Imaging Associates performs these and many other screening and specialty exams.
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