• The FDA-approved DynaWell® L-Spine Compression Device allows back pain sufferers to enjoy greater diagnostic confidence with MRI/CT. The device simulates the standing position, so a patient can be assessed while their symptoms are most pronounced.It is most beneficial for patients with suspected sciatica, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, neurogenic claudication, intraspinal synovial cysts, and other chronic or degenerative back conditions.

  • As with an ordinary MRI or CT scan, the patient lies on a flat table. He or she wears a special vest over the shoulders and upper chest. The straps on the vest are tightened over the patient’s chest, and his/her feet are placed against the footplate of the compression device. Two adjustable cords on opposite sides of the vest are attached to the compression device. By tightening the cords to a desired and measured load (up to 50% of body weight), the spinal cord is compressed to simulate upright posture. After the patient is attached to the compression device, it takes about 5 minutes for the body to adjust anatomically to simulate the standing position.

  • Published and ongoing studies verify that DynaWell® methodology provides:60-70% more information for earlier, more accurate diagnosis with MRI/CT The ability to find and treat back problems that could not be correctly diagnosed otherwise Improved basis for decision of therapy or surgery Non-invasive, comfortable method of spine compression Radiation-free diagnosis of spinal conditions Lower patient cost due to fewer scans needed Faster exams Currently, DynaWell® L-Spine Compression is available only at the Mat-Su location. Please visit our Contact page for hours, phone and location information.