Breast Imaging

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  • Alaska’s Leading Breast and Women’s Imaging Team
  • Dr. Brittany O’Steen, Dr. Heather Tauschek and Dr. Elaine Pignman with specialty training in breast and women’s imaging, oversee the largest dedicated women’s imaging team in the state. Alongside incredible nurse practitioners, physician assistants, skilled technologists, and sonographers, they pay attention to every detail of a patient’s experience.

  • Women’s Imaging runs the gamut from pelvic pain workup to infertility evaluation and breast cancer early detection and diagnosis. Our local Alaskan imaging team takes care of patients, from age 16 to 100+ years of age, with expertise, compassion, and kindness.

Dr. Brittany O’Steen
Director of Breast and Women’s Imaging
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Dr. Heather Tauschek
Breast Imaging Subspecialty
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Dr. Elaine Pigman
Women’s Imaging Subspecialty
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Debra Bushnell,
Breast Care Coordinator
Debra Bushnell has joined Alaska's leading Breast Care Center Of Excellence

Haleigh Sacks,
Breast Care Coordinator
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