COVID-19 Dr. Gerald York Update

Dr. Gerald E. York COVID-19 Update

Updated 3-23-2020
Valued Partner – The following Message Is An Important Update Regarding Imaging Associates Response to COVID-19
Imaging Associates continues to adjust our COVID-19 stance to address rapidly changing Federal and State guidelines out of our deep concern for our shared patient’s health. The steps taken to date are as follows: · We are going above and beyond throughout the day in wiping down ALL touchpoints with a disinfectant made to kill the Coronavirus and our staff is continuously engaged in complying with personal hygienic practices recommended by the CDC. · We have removed specific touchpoints such as coffee pots, magazines, surveys to minimize unnecessary surface contact. · We are contacting our patients the evening before their exam and asking them if they have traveled out of the state in the last 14 days and if they have, we are rescheduling their exam 14 days out from the date of their return. We are also asking our patients if they are experiencing a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing to call us and reschedule and recommend them to contact their Primary Care Manager if they hadn't done so already. Regarding patients presenting themselves with COVID-19 symptoms, we will direct them to contact their Primary Care Manager. · We have eliminated our waiting room! We adjusted our scheduling practice and placed "time buffers" between our patient’s appointments. Our goal is that when our shared patients show for their respective diagnostic exams that they are met by our technologist and escorted directly to the modality as we do not want them in a waiting room with other patients. We have taken the aforementioned measures to help our community care partners like you maintain access to quality diagnostics and to ensure our shared patients may continue to seek timely primary and specialty care close to home, and in turn, avoid overloading our communities ERs / Hospitals during this ongoing crisis. My CEO (Ward Hinger) and I will continue to adjust our posture to comply with Federal and State guidelines and provide a safe environment for our shared patients and staff. Please feel free to share any feedback you may have at [email protected] Sincerely, Dr Gerald E. York Medical Director ~ Imaging Associates