• Breast ultrasound is a non-invasive tool often used to evaluate specific areas of concern, like a breast lump felt by a patient or physician, or an area of interest on a mammogram. Using high frequency sound waves to produce images of the breast, these sound waves bounce off various tissues that compose the breast, generating a series of detailed images that can be analyzed in real-time. Breast ultrasounds may be performed in conjunction with a diagnostic mammogram or separately.
  • While breast ultrasound cannot replace the need for mammography, our state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment provides superior image quality that is quite useful as a complementary breast imaging tool. All ultrasound procedures are overseen by our team of experienced and fellowship trained breast imaging experts. And like 2D and 3D mammography, breast ultrasound is performed at our convenient outpatient locations in Eagle River, Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley.

When would I need a breast ultrasound?

If you have an abnormal mammogram, you may be recommended for a breast ultrasound. Breast ultrasound may also be an option for women with implants, women who are pregnant, or women who are unable or unwilling to have a breast MRI.