5 Things You
Need To know

About Mammograms


Make Sure Your Imaging Center is (B I C O E) Certified

Make sure where you get your imaging done is ( BICOE ) certified ( Breast Imaging Center of Excellence) . A ( BICOE ) designation means you get a 40% better breast cancer detection rate than a non ( BICOE ) designated facility.


A Radiologist Can Detect Breast Cancer As Early As Two Years Before A Lump Can Be Felt.


Ask for Digital mammography

Digital mammography is the new gold standard for breast cancer screening and is one of the most recent advances for breast cancer detection.


Cancer At Age of 50

When breast cancer is found in women under the age of 50 it is often a more aggressive form of cancer and it is imperative to catch it early. This is why you should schedule your mammogram every 12 months starting the age of 40.


Ask For a Breast Care Coordinator

This person will know you and your history throughout your time at Imaging Associates. In many ways they are another set of caring eyeballs watching out for you. They are responsible to keep you up to date on all of the latest technology and medical advancements in caring for you. Our breast care coordinator, Valerie Clark, is available to you and referring providers for questions and high-risk consultation. She can advise you as to having a Risk Assessment done, an important tool in identifying those women at the highest risk of breast cancer. We have chosen the Tyrer-Cuzick (TC) model which incorporates hormonal factors, age and body mass index, breast tissue density and genetic factors to assess the overall likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer.